Book Summary

The book “Anything You Want” presents an original viewpoint on both business and life. The book offers helpful guidance on how to start a business that is true to your principles and passions and is based on the author’s experience as a successful entrepreneur and musician. Each brief chapter in the book covers a different facet of creating a successful business. The book discusses subjects including how to stay true to your principles and passions, how to build a devoted client base, how to develop a distinctive brand, and how to concentrate on what is really important. The book is presented in a conversational, approachable way and is chock-full of personal anecdotes and actual instances from everyday life. The book offers helpful guidance on how to build a business that is both successful and enjoyable, and it challenges readers to think differently about life and business.

The Book in 3 Sentences

Based on the author’s experience as a prosperous entrepreneur and musician, “Anything You Want” presents a distinctive viewpoint on business and life.

The book is structured into 40 concise parts, each of which discusses a different element of establishing a successful company, such as concentrating on what matters, establishing a devoted clientele, developing a distinctive brand, and remaining true to principles and passions.

The book encourages readers to think differently about business and life and provides helpful suggestions on how to build a firm that is both successful and enjoyable. It is written in a conversational and approachable tone.


My opinion of the book “Anything You Want” is that it offers a distinctive and novel viewpoint on work and life. The book is intelligent and well-written, and provided valuable guidance for building a company that is true to principles and passions.
The book helped me grasp the benefits of concentrating on what matters most, developing a distinctive brand, and remaining loyal to my principles and passions.
The book has an entertaining and lucid writing style enabling the author to make difficult ideas understandable. In addition to that, I found it to be an inspirational, motivating, refreshing take on business and self-help literature.
The drawback of the book is that it does not offer enough detailed instructions on how to put the techniques and strategies into practice for particular situations.

How I Discovered It

The book comes highly recommended on Amazon, so I went over and I picked it up from my neighbourhood library.

Who Should Read It?

Anyone who is interested in learning how to start a business and make something that is true to their principles and passions should read “Anything You Want.” Entrepreneurs, small company owners, and anyone considering establishing a business should read this book in particular. The book is appropriate for anyone wishing to develop a personal or professional initiative that is in line with their ideals. The book may be particularly interesting to people seeking a new perspective on business and wanting to learn how to build a successful and rewarding firm. However, the book is not just for people in these categories; everyone who wants to develop personally and produce work that is consistent with their ideals can get something from reading it. Anyone interested in entrepreneurship, self-help, or personal growth might find it to be a good fit.

How the Book Changed Me

After reading “Anything You Want,” I changed my understanding of what it takes to build a successful business and how to create something that aligns with my values and passions. I started to focus more on what really matters, creating a unique brand, and staying true to my values, passions and the importance of being authentic to oneself. Additionally, I gained a better understanding of how to create a loyal customer base and how to stay true to my values and passions while still being profitable. I became more mindful of my actions and the impact they have on the business and my personal life.

My Top Quotes

1.”The biggest mistake is trying to be everything to everyone.”
2.”When you’re finally aware of how little you know, you’re ready to learn.”
3.”People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”
4.”A company is nothing more than a group of people working together to do something people want.”
5.”Don’t worry about finding your passion. Just find something you’re good at, and get really, really good at it.”

Detailed Notes//Key Topics (Key topics from the book are)

Some key topics from the book “Anything You Want” include:
1. Entrepreneurship and starting a business – The author shares his personal experiences in starting and growing a successful business, and provides practical advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.
2. Customer focus – The book emphasizes the importance of putting the customer first and using their feedback to improve and evolve the business.
3. Simplicity and minimalism – Sivers advocates for keeping things simple and avoiding over-complication in business and life.
4. Leadership – The author discusses the importance of being a good leader and creating a culture that inspires and motivates employees.
5. Passion and purpose – The book encourages readers to find their purpose and passion in life and to use that to drive their success.

6. Innovation and creativity – Sivers stresses the importance of being innovative and thinking outside the box in order to stay ahead of the competition.
7. Habits and routines – The author highlights the impact of daily habits and routines on success and encourages readers to cultivate positive habits.
8. Risk-taking and decision-making – The book covers the challenges of decision-making, especially in the context of business, and the importance of taking calculated risks.
9. Personal growth and self-awareness – Sivers emphasizes the need for personal growth and self-awareness in order to achieve success in business and life.

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