Learn to trade like Shameel Zaman:

Do you “need” to sign up for Learn to Trade like Shameel Zaman? The simple answer is no. You can learn everything on your own! However, it’s essential to ask yourself how long it will take and how much money you might invest while figuring it out independently. If you’re a visual learner, you may find value in the A-Z course. Learn to Trade like Shameel Zaman was designed to expedite the learning process for beginners entering the stock market. My mission is to streamline the journey for you!

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    Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome


    2. Brokerage Start

    - How To Open an Account
    - Account Setup

    3. Basics Of Trading

    - Quality Trades
    - Trading Challenges
    - Time Frame
    - Blind Trading Challenge
    - What Is A Stock
    - How Much Money Should You Start With
    - Paper Trading
    - Volume
    - Identifying Your Trading Style
    - The PDT Rule
    - Tracking Your Trades
    - Mergers
    - Stock Splits
    - Cash vs Margin
    - IPO
    - Potential
    - Extended Hours
    - Watchlist & Alerts
    - Candlesticks
    - Time Frames
    - Delisting
    - Price Target
    - Level 2
    - Order Flow
    - News

    4. Indicators

    - Intro To Indicators
    - RSI
    - EMA
    - SMA MA
    - Vwap
    - MACD

    5. Order Types

    - Market Order
    - Limit Order
    - Stop Loss
    - Stop Limit
    - Trailing Stop
    - OCO Brackets

    6. Swing Trading

    - What Is Swing Trading
    - How To Identify
    - Examples Of Swing Trading

    7. Day Trading

    - What Is Day Trading
    - How To Identify
    - 3 Examples Of Day Trading

    8. Investing

    - What is Investing?
    - How To Identify
    - 3 Examples Of Investing

    9. Short Selling

    - How To Short Sell (Intro)
    - How To Identify
    - How To Open a Short Position
    - Short Selling Example
    - Example of short selling (3 stages)
    - 3 Examples of Short Selling

    10. ETF's

    - What are ETF's
    - How To Identify a Set of ETF's
    - 3 Examples of ETF's
    - Risk Involved Trading ETF'S
    - Trading In a Bear/Bull Market
    - ETF Cycles
    - Path Dependencies (RATE OF DECAY)

    11. Trading Strategies

    - Confirmation + Direction ( 3 Stages Of A Reversal)
    - Position Sizing
    - Averaging Up & Down
    - Golden Ratio (5 to 1)
    - Locking In Profits
    - Correction / Dip Buy
    - How To Scale
    - Factors That Impact Your Markets

    12. Risk Management

    - Introduction To Risk Management
    - Pump & Dumps
    - Holding Overnight
    - Cutting Losses
    - Emotions
    - Penny Stocks / OTC Stocks
    - Discipline
    - Why So Many Traders Fail


    - Trading On The Go
    - Intent
    - Locking In Profits
    - Blind Trading Challenge
    - Why Do Stocks Drop As Federal
    - Reserve Raise
    - Interest Rates
    - How To Manage Risk During a Recession (Margin Call)
    - How To Trade During a Stock Market Recession

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When does the course start and finish?

    The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

    How long do I have access to the course?

    How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. (1 time payment = Lifetime access )

    What is your refund policy?

    We do not offer a refund option. We ONLY want dedicated students that are serious about learning and bettering themselves. Our saying is simple: "If you are not ready to invest in yourself, you are not ready to invest"